Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - hit flop with pair

Fixed limit 6max, Microgaming

Fixed limit 6max, Stars

Total for all poker rooms

Only hands that saw flop, of course. Terrible nubmers.


Fixed limit HU, iPoker, mostly $0.5/$1 and few $1/$2 hands - 25449 hands

Fixed limit 6max, Microgaming, €0.5/€1 and €1/€2 - 30899 hands

Fixed limit 6max, Stars, $0.25/$0.5 and $0.5/$1 - 16557 hands

Total graph for all poker rooms - 88682 hands


Dear ovchica,

Congratulations! You have achieved SilverStar VIP status.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas update

These stats are from two poker rooms I'm currently playing at:

PokerStars 0.25/0.5 6max

Hands: 8307
WinRate: +3.39 BB/100
Rake: 2.68 BB/100
MT ratio: 4.78
VPP earned: 747.78

Microgaming €0.5/€1 6max
Hands: 4368
WinRate: +1.77 BB/100
Rake: 3.04 BB/100
MT ratio: 2.73
Raked hands: 2005
Bonus cleared: $220

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Playing limit on Stars

Smart Euro players don't play on Stars and FullTilt. They don't have good bonuses, rakeback and the competition is tough compared to other available networks/poker rooms. That's why I never played on Stars again after clearing the signup bonus. But this month, I decided to come back and try to earn FPPs while playing 0.25/0.5 shorthanded limit when there is no action on Microgaming network or the tables are not good enough. I knew it won't be easy to achieve even SilverStar and it would probably be a waste of time but I gave it a try and here are the results from the 5 days of playing 0.25/0.5 between 4 and 9 tables at the same time (MT ratio 5.4).

I did some calculations and comparisons and it looks like my current win rate of +9.4 BB/100 is equivalent to a win rate of roughly +0.94 BB/100 on 5/10 6max (in order to make the same amount of money like I did on 0.25/0.5). If I was playing 5/10, I assumed I would never play more than 3 tables at the same time so I wouldn't have played 4k hands in the same time but only 2k.

I know, 4k hands is a small sample, I could be on a heater, etc. Results are great, so let's hope I can keep the current win rate and become a Stars regular.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Flopped quads

One interesting hand from today's session:

€0.50/€1 Limit Holdem
6 Players

Pre-flop: (1.5 SB, 6 players) Hero is CO 8 8
UTG raises, 1 fold, Hero 3-bets, 2 folds, BB 4-bets, UTG calls, Hero calls

Flop: 8 8 A (12.5 SB, 3 players)
BB bets, UTG raises, Hero 3-bets, BB calls, UTG 4-bets, Hero calls, BB calls

Turn: J (12.2 BB, 3 players)
BB checks, UTG bets and is all-in, Hero calls, BB calls

River: T (15.1 BB, 3 players, 1 all-in)
BB bets, Hero raises, BB 3-bets, Hero 4-bets, BB calls

Final Pot: 23.1 BB
UTG shows: 2 2
Hero shows: 8 8
BB shows: 10 10

In a 300h session today, I'm losing with full house, straight and three of a kind, I had only 1 flush and I still managed to win 35 BBs. I love this game!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

More graphs

Here is the PT graph from the period I mentioned yesterday, since october 16th. I've been playing on Prima network forever but I never had a nice upswing like this one.

Some interesting stats from the entire Prima/Microgaming sample, 26.3k hands:
Hit flop with pair: 1 in 9.6 (only when saw flop; should be 1 in 8.5)
Hit flop with 22-55: 1 in 11.9 (or 17 in 202)
Dealt AA: 104 (I've got dealt only 1 pair less times than AA, it was 22, dealt 103 times; should be 119)
Dealt KK: 145
Flopped something with AQs: 1 in 5.8 (or 12/70, should be 1 in 3.3)
Flopped something with AJs: 1 in 5.9 (or 15/89, should be 1 in 3.3)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Swine flu

Ever since that last update, I played only shorthanded fixed limit on Microgaming and Cake networks and was doing great. On Microgaming, I have 7.1k hands since October 16th and I'm running at +3.9 BB/100 playing 0.5€/1€ tables. Overall, I have +0.43 BB/100 on a 25.9k hand sample. Rake is 3.09 BB/100 (MGR 4.27 BB/100) so this win rate is actually good and I'm satisfied with it. This is my favorite network and I hope I won't run out of good bonuses any time soon.

I gave up on HUNL, at least for now. Its simple, no limit is not my game so I will have to play FL until it dries up completely. FullTilt gave me a $100 bonus so tried to play there for half an hour on 0.25/0.5 tables only to confirm what I already knew. There is no point for Euro players, especially FL players, to play there. The games are awful, so much worse than anywhere else, even Stars looks like a goldmine compared to FullTilt (at least 0.25/0.5 limit).

Almost forgot, I had a swine flu last week. I had a high temperature for 1 day with no other symptoms other than headache and that's it. Either my immune system is really good or this flu is no worse than a normal flu. To be honest, I'm disappointed, I expected it to be far worse :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Heads up no limit

Yesterday I had a good day at the HUNL tables. Finally. Plus 2 buy ins. It's not that great but I'm happy since it's a nice change to finally win something after losing all the time. I play on Party with only 6 BI bankroll which is not recommended, of course, but I don't want to make a deposit. To be honest, it's not recommended to play on Party at all because of their ridiculous rake. My goal is to feel the game and see if I'm good enough to play HUNL and then I can go somewhere else and play seriously. Right now I'm table selecting like mad, I play only shortstackers and really weak players who don't raise preflop and quitting everyone who raises their first 2-3 small blinds.

Overall, I'm 1 BI down after 2250 hands. I'm losing with three of a kind, mainly because of this hand:

SB - $15
Hero (BB) - $50.85

Pre-flop: ($0.75, 2 players) Hero is BB 3 3
SB calls, Hero checks

Flop: J T 3 ($1, 2 players)
Hero checks, SB bets $1, Hero raises to $3, SB goes all-in $13.50, Hero calls $11.5

Turn: 6 ($30, 2 players)

River: K ($30, 2 players)

Final Pot: 9.5 BB
SB shows: A Q
Hero shows: 3 3

This was the only hand where I had trips and we went all-in.

Some interesting stats:
AA lost $15
AKs lost $15
JJ lost $27 (2 preflop all-ins, against Q3o and Q9o, lost both times; first against runner runner flush and second time he hit 2 Q, on flop and river)

Overall, I know I'm not playing well enough and to be honest, I'm not trying to study this game at all, just trying to feel the game since I don't have time to study poker right now. But I will, as soon as possible.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Downswing again

Ever since that royal flush I've got a month ago, I can't win anything. Not only on Cake but on other networks as well. It's like someone turned on the doomswitch for me. Watch the hands from Cake network I'm losing with since 5th september, sample size 3.3k hands:

AKs, AQs, AJo, AJs, ATs, A9s, A9o, A8s, A8o, A7s, KTs, KTo, QJs, QJo, QTs, QTo, JJ, JTs, JTo, J9s, J9o, TT, 99, 88....

Hit something on the flop:
AKs - 1/14
AQs - 0/6
KQs - 2/10
KJs - 1/11
QJs - 1/7

Nobody believed me I could run this awful but thanks to poker trackers last update, I can now import Cake hands to my database and finally prove everyone I'm not crazy.

September was supposed to be a great month for me but turned out to be a shit month. It was the 3rd biggest losing month in the last 4y. When I say losing, I mean losing by playing. Thanks to bonuses and rakeback, I'm still winning. I've actually won 2 times less money at the end of the month than what I've won in the first 4 days of the month, before that royal flush. Sick.

My friend switched from limit HU to no limit HU. He was doing pressure on me to switch to no limit HU so we could study together but I didn't want to, because I hate no limit. I have only 2 losing months in the last 4y and both times, I was playing no limit. But I couldn't win at limit so I gave it a try and went to Party HUNL 50 tables. I was running so hot I managed to earn 20 buy-ins in just a few days. I wish.

I played ~800 hands and here are the only 6 hands I went all-in preflop with:

QQ vs AJs, flop JJx
QQ vs 88, flop 8xx
KK vs AJs, flop Jxx-A
JJ vs Q9o, flop AQx
AQs vs K9o, flop J64-9
AKs vs Ad6c, flop QsTd2d-3d-4d

All-in performance graph says I've lost -$155 but my expected loss was only -$40. There is either something seriously wrong with my no limit game or I'm extremely unlucky. I hope its the first thing because I can do something about it once I identify the mistakes. If its the second thing, well, I'm doomed.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Royal flush

Last night I've hit a Royal flush for the 5th time since I play poker and 1st time on a site with royal flush bonus. Doyles room gave me $250 just for having this hand. Thank you Doyle!

I don't play much lately and that's why I'm not writing on this blog as often as I used to. We have handball trainings every day and I usually play before going to trainings. When I come home I'm to tired to play or even think about poker so I just relax, eat something and go to sleep.

Right now I'm clearing a kickback bonus on DoylesRoom through PokerSavvy. If you want more info on these bonuses, check this blog: Kickback bonus guide I'm playing 0.25/0.5 6max limit on all available tables. It doesn't matter if the table has 5 or only 1 player, I will play everyone. I know I'm to good to play these stakes but the players are awful so it's easy money for me without variance, which is what I need at the moment.

I'm also done with 32Red welcome bonus so I'm looking for a new poker room in Prima/Microgaming network. Their bonuses are great for small stakes limit player but ever since the Tusk and Eurolinx/BetOnBet fiasco, you have to be very selective when it comes to playing on this network.

I'm playing tennis again, after almost 15 years. My friend asked me if I wanted to play against him and I said yes, so I took my 19y old ProKennex racquet and we went to a local tennis club. In our first match, he beat me 6-0, 6-2, 6-7. This was his 4th or 5th match this year but he also didn't play for 15 years. It was very embarrasing for me since he is a little bit overweight, he's out of shape and hasn't run for more than a decade. In our second match, I won 6-0, 4-6, 6-2, 6-0 :) I can't wait to play again.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Ever since mid July I've been playing poker probably once a week. The weather was nice so I decided to spend my summer outside. Before preseason trainings started, I was going to the gym 3 times a week and was riding a bike 2 times a week. Once we made a 102km in one day which is a 6hr ride. It was great, we went to nature's park Kopacki Rit and had close encounters with a herd of deers and few boars with piglets. The route is called Pannonian Peace Trail and is 75km long, connecting Osijek in Croatia and Sombor in Vojvodina (Serbia).

Preseason in my handball club started on July 30th. We have trainings 6 times a week at 6:30 PM and the only free day we have is Sunday so I really can't find the time to play poker. I usually play a 1-1.5 hour session in the afternoon, from 5 PM and sometimes in the evening after 9 or 10 PM. Now I can't play in the afternoon and when I come home, I'm beat and all I can do is eat something and go to sleep.

On August 10th, we went to Zagreb to attend a U2 concert. It was awesome. I'm not a huge fan of music so I've never been to such a big concert before. We were on the pitch and the experience was great, especially when entire stadium sang I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

I would really like to see them again in the future and if they come again to my country, I certainly won't miss it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More variance

Session on Prima network, today:

Since wednesday, both Prima and Boss:

I will have to reread Stox's book tomorrow. I feel my game got worse in the last few days although I'm absolutely certain I'm in a downswing and running awful at the moment. Whenever I play with morons, like the ones on Boss network I forget how to play properly.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I hate variance

Since wednesday 15th july (on the graph, when downswing started), I've had AKs and AQs 13 times and hit a top pair on the flop exactly 0 times. Flopped a set with pocket pair 1 in 11.8 times. Total won on the button: +€0.10! Nice.

My first impression of Boss network was great. Plenty of loose fish and out of all TAGs and sLAGs, there is not a single player who is really good postflop and doesn't have some leaks eventhought his preflop stats are almost optimal. But I still don't like playing here.

Here is the graph for entire sample, since the beginning of july, 7.7k hands.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Disgusting day on Boss network

Flopped a set but only pocket pairs with a flop. Amazing isn't it.

In afternoon session I've lost with 4 straights with almost 50 BB's in those pots. I've also missed countless 10+ out draws and after more than 1k hands, I'm losing from the cutoff. CO won when seen flop % is smaller than from the blinds, hahaha. I guess it's one of those days when nothing goes your way.

BossMedia, €0.5/€1 Limit
(1.5 SB, 5 players) Hero is SB KQ
1 folds, Button calls, Hero raises, BB raises, Button calls, Hero calls.

Flop: J 9 J (9.0 SB, 3 players)9d Jd Jc
Hero checks, BB bets, Button calls, Hero calls

Turn: T (6.0 BB, 3 players)
Hero checks, BB checks, Button bets, Hero raises, BB folds, Button calls

River: J (10.0 BB, 4 players)
Hero checks, Button bets, Hero calls

Final Pot: 12.0 BB
Hero shows: KQ
MP shows: J 6

This hand perfectly describes my day. This opponent is a regular fish, biggest loser in my database but I guess this was his/her day. Well, not exactly since he lost overall but against me, he was unbeatable.