Saturday, September 5, 2009

Royal flush

Last night I've hit a Royal flush for the 5th time since I play poker and 1st time on a site with royal flush bonus. Doyles room gave me $250 just for having this hand. Thank you Doyle!

I don't play much lately and that's why I'm not writing on this blog as often as I used to. We have handball trainings every day and I usually play before going to trainings. When I come home I'm to tired to play or even think about poker so I just relax, eat something and go to sleep.

Right now I'm clearing a kickback bonus on DoylesRoom through PokerSavvy. If you want more info on these bonuses, check this blog: Kickback bonus guide I'm playing 0.25/0.5 6max limit on all available tables. It doesn't matter if the table has 5 or only 1 player, I will play everyone. I know I'm to good to play these stakes but the players are awful so it's easy money for me without variance, which is what I need at the moment.

I'm also done with 32Red welcome bonus so I'm looking for a new poker room in Prima/Microgaming network. Their bonuses are great for small stakes limit player but ever since the Tusk and Eurolinx/BetOnBet fiasco, you have to be very selective when it comes to playing on this network.

I'm playing tennis again, after almost 15 years. My friend asked me if I wanted to play against him and I said yes, so I took my 19y old ProKennex racquet and we went to a local tennis club. In our first match, he beat me 6-0, 6-2, 6-7. This was his 4th or 5th match this year but he also didn't play for 15 years. It was very embarrasing for me since he is a little bit overweight, he's out of shape and hasn't run for more than a decade. In our second match, I won 6-0, 4-6, 6-2, 6-0 :) I can't wait to play again.

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