Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fixed limit Rush

FullTilt gave me a $100 no load reload bonus so I decided to try their new game called Rush. Rush is mostly played in no-limit format but in the last couple of days, they added 2 fixed limit tables, 1 table of 9max 50c/$1 and 1 table of 6max $1/$2. I don't like full ring but since it's the only 50c/$1 table available and there is very little traffic on 1/2 table, I had no choice but to play full ring. I will make a monthly update on monday or tuesday, but here are some interesting screenshots:

261 pairs is not a huge sample, but c'mon, this has to be a joke, right. Or there is something wrong with this PT3 report. Over my entire sample in PT3 database I have played ~188k hands, saw flop with 8.8k pairs and hit a set or better every 1 in 9.o times.

Can I really be so unlucky that I always have to run worse than I'm supposed to?

This small screenshot is from 2 sessions on Betway today. Losing AA 3 times out of 3 is certainly possible, but believe it or not, I have hit a set 2 times with those 3 pairs. Third time I've lost to JJ in a HU pot, he hit a set on the flop.


No comment!!!

$0.5/$1 Limit Holdem - Rush
9 Players

Pre-flop: (1.5 SB, 9 players) Hero is Button A A
2 folds, MP1 raises, 1 folds, Hero raises, 4 folds, MP1 raises all-in, Hero calls

Flop: A K 2 (8.1 SB, 2 players, 1 all-in)
SB checks, BB checks, CO checks, Hero bets, SB calls, BB calls, CO raises, Hero calls, SB calls, BB calls

Turn: 5 (4 BB, 2 players)

River: K (4 BB, 2 players)

Final Pot: 4 BB
MP1 shows: K K
Hero shows: A A

Sunday, February 14, 2010

So far so good

Not much to write about. I'm more focused on studying than poker so I'm just trying to grind the existing bonuses with minimum variance. Half way through February I have already covered my last month loss even though I haven't played a single hand in 6 days this month. This makes me very happy but there is still room for improvement since I'm running awful at Betway. That was supposed to be my primary goal this month but I have played only 1.5k hands so far (goal was 13k).

Time played: 20h
Hands played: 10368
Profit: $341

Monday, February 1, 2010


With a loss of $295, january was my worst month ever. To be fair, it is mostly because I cleared almost no bonus or rakeback in january, except $10 stellar rewards from Stars and another $90 in kickback bonus.

Goals for february:
1) maintain Silver star on Stars which means earning 750 VPPa in a month
-I need ~8000 hands on 0.25/0.5 6max to achieve this
2) earn 10000 Betway points on Betway (need ~20000 BP for ~$1000 bonus until april 4th)
-I played 4.8k hands in january, earning 3500 BP so I guess I will have to play ~13k hands this month
3) whenever there is no action on Betway, play some NL on Minted or FL on Betfair or EuroPoker
4) run better, please!!!

January results
-playing: -$408
-bonus: $10
-rakeback: $13
-kickback: $90

Overall: -$295

ps. I have to organize my time. I'm a university graduate and have to concentrate on finishing my education this year. This means poker is not my first priority this year (its probably number 3 or 4) so if I don't succeed in achieving my yearly goals, I won't be to disappointed as long as a make a few hundred $$ each month.