Sunday, November 29, 2009

Flopped quads

One interesting hand from today's session:

€0.50/€1 Limit Holdem
6 Players

Pre-flop: (1.5 SB, 6 players) Hero is CO 8 8
UTG raises, 1 fold, Hero 3-bets, 2 folds, BB 4-bets, UTG calls, Hero calls

Flop: 8 8 A (12.5 SB, 3 players)
BB bets, UTG raises, Hero 3-bets, BB calls, UTG 4-bets, Hero calls, BB calls

Turn: J (12.2 BB, 3 players)
BB checks, UTG bets and is all-in, Hero calls, BB calls

River: T (15.1 BB, 3 players, 1 all-in)
BB bets, Hero raises, BB 3-bets, Hero 4-bets, BB calls

Final Pot: 23.1 BB
UTG shows: 2 2
Hero shows: 8 8
BB shows: 10 10

In a 300h session today, I'm losing with full house, straight and three of a kind, I had only 1 flush and I still managed to win 35 BBs. I love this game!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

More graphs

Here is the PT graph from the period I mentioned yesterday, since october 16th. I've been playing on Prima network forever but I never had a nice upswing like this one.

Some interesting stats from the entire Prima/Microgaming sample, 26.3k hands:
Hit flop with pair: 1 in 9.6 (only when saw flop; should be 1 in 8.5)
Hit flop with 22-55: 1 in 11.9 (or 17 in 202)
Dealt AA: 104 (I've got dealt only 1 pair less times than AA, it was 22, dealt 103 times; should be 119)
Dealt KK: 145
Flopped something with AQs: 1 in 5.8 (or 12/70, should be 1 in 3.3)
Flopped something with AJs: 1 in 5.9 (or 15/89, should be 1 in 3.3)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Swine flu

Ever since that last update, I played only shorthanded fixed limit on Microgaming and Cake networks and was doing great. On Microgaming, I have 7.1k hands since October 16th and I'm running at +3.9 BB/100 playing 0.5€/1€ tables. Overall, I have +0.43 BB/100 on a 25.9k hand sample. Rake is 3.09 BB/100 (MGR 4.27 BB/100) so this win rate is actually good and I'm satisfied with it. This is my favorite network and I hope I won't run out of good bonuses any time soon.

I gave up on HUNL, at least for now. Its simple, no limit is not my game so I will have to play FL until it dries up completely. FullTilt gave me a $100 bonus so tried to play there for half an hour on 0.25/0.5 tables only to confirm what I already knew. There is no point for Euro players, especially FL players, to play there. The games are awful, so much worse than anywhere else, even Stars looks like a goldmine compared to FullTilt (at least 0.25/0.5 limit).

Almost forgot, I had a swine flu last week. I had a high temperature for 1 day with no other symptoms other than headache and that's it. Either my immune system is really good or this flu is no worse than a normal flu. To be honest, I'm disappointed, I expected it to be far worse :)