Monday, May 17, 2010

Rain, rain, go away,...

...come again another day.

It's raining for 3 straight days now and it doesn't look like stopping. It already fell roughly 150l per square m. Please stop raining...

Friday, May 7, 2010

New bike

Handball season is almost over, 2 more games to play and I'm free. In order to keep myself in shape and to have something interesting to do over the summer, I bought myself this little beauty:
Back to poker. I'm still not playing seriously like I used to. It's been 4 weeks now and it makes me worried because I have no desire to play at all. I'm perfectly happy without poker and all the stress that comes with it but to be honest, I could use the money. Don't know what to do in order to start playing again...

Saturday, May 1, 2010


It's time for another monthly update...

After an extended period of mindlessly chasing bonuses, I finally broke down. I've lost my entire thought process and begun playing like a zombie. Over my poker career, I had a few bad periods in the past when I wanted to quit poker but something like this has never happened before. My friend was laughing at me when I told him but I literally forgot everything I knew that made me a winning player. So after finishing with Betway, I decided to take a break. That was at the beginning of April, on April 4th and ever since that day, I haven't played a single serious session until 2 days ago. I tried to play but after 15-20 minutes I would usually realize I suck so I decided it's best to quit.

I tried watching some poker videos and one old session review from my friends coach, which got me thinking and I see sings of improvements in my game but I'm still not my old self. On the other hand, talking to my friend was a complete waste of both my and his time. When I told him, he probably thought I was joking so he wasn't helpful at all. I can't remember one good advice I've got from him other than the standard reply you get from NL donks all around the world, that I should switch to NL.

April goal check:
1) earn 704 Betway points on Betway
2) maintain Silver star on Stars
3) earn at least 5000 Gnuf points
4) I found a good deal at another Microgaming room so I have to start playing there and hopefully I can rake ~$500 this month


Goals for may:
1) my only goal is to find my game and play again like I used to play

April results
-playing: -$102
-bonus: $1025
-rakeback: $0
-kickback: $0

Overall: +$922
Time played: 19h
Hands played: ~7000