Saturday, May 1, 2010


It's time for another monthly update...

After an extended period of mindlessly chasing bonuses, I finally broke down. I've lost my entire thought process and begun playing like a zombie. Over my poker career, I had a few bad periods in the past when I wanted to quit poker but something like this has never happened before. My friend was laughing at me when I told him but I literally forgot everything I knew that made me a winning player. So after finishing with Betway, I decided to take a break. That was at the beginning of April, on April 4th and ever since that day, I haven't played a single serious session until 2 days ago. I tried to play but after 15-20 minutes I would usually realize I suck so I decided it's best to quit.

I tried watching some poker videos and one old session review from my friends coach, which got me thinking and I see sings of improvements in my game but I'm still not my old self. On the other hand, talking to my friend was a complete waste of both my and his time. When I told him, he probably thought I was joking so he wasn't helpful at all. I can't remember one good advice I've got from him other than the standard reply you get from NL donks all around the world, that I should switch to NL.

April goal check:
1) earn 704 Betway points on Betway
2) maintain Silver star on Stars
3) earn at least 5000 Gnuf points
4) I found a good deal at another Microgaming room so I have to start playing there and hopefully I can rake ~$500 this month


Goals for may:
1) my only goal is to find my game and play again like I used to play

April results
-playing: -$102
-bonus: $1025
-rakeback: $0
-kickback: $0

Overall: +$922
Time played: 19h
Hands played: ~7000

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