Thursday, April 1, 2010


March was like a rollercoaster ride, I was up $430 after 4days, lost $350 next 8days, my PC crashed, up $200, down $180. Variance was brutal and I believe I was running awful. Hit something with AJs 1/27, QJs 3/37, hit a set on the flop 1 in 8.2 but losing 1.2 BB/100, losing with AQs, ATs, A9s, KQo, KJs, QJs and JJ.

March goal check:
1) earn 13404 Betway points on Betway
-failed, earned 12700
2) maintain Silver star on Stars
3) finish FullTilt reload bonus playing FL Rush
4) finish Europoker kickback
5) hit more sets and lose with them less often
-done, but I've lost more than ever every time I was hitting sets more than I'm supposed to


Betway is almost finished, only 704 points left to collect. Still can't decide where to play next. All I know is I would like to move up.

Goals for april:
1) earn 704 Betway points on Betway
2) maintain Silver star on Stars
-I need ~8000 hands on 0.25/0.5 6max to achieve this; maybe go up to $0.5/$1
3) earn at least 5000 Gnuf points
-I'm trying to earn $500 signup bonus with same conditions as Betway bonus (need 10000 Gnuf points for $500 in 90 days)
4) I found a good deal at another Microgaming room so I have to start playing there and hopefully I can rake ~$500 this month

March results
-playing: $41
-bonus: $140
-rakeback: $25
-kickback: $160

Overall: +$366
Time played: 77h
Hands played: ~32000

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Elaine said...

thats $4.75 per hour... get a job flipping burgers