Sunday, March 28, 2010

2 out of 2

2 donkaments this weekend, both times won something. Played in $35k RTR freeroll today on FullTilt, finished 151st out of 1318 players, 216 places paid. Won $42 :)


I've got $50 cashout restricted bonus from Party and after losing $28 on fixed limit tables I was left with $22, enough for 1 tournament buy-in. So, 2 hours before my handball match, I decided to play in a $22 $1k guaranteed bounty donkament where each bounty was worth $5. I haven't played tournaments since..., well, I can't remember. There was 105 registered players and before I had to leave, I was in 6th place out of 13 remaining players, with 2 and a half bounties won. I gave my friend to finish the tournament for me and as soon as I left, he lost with a set of QQ to a set of AA, leaving me in 13th place. It was a nice result for someone who has never played a tournament with a buy-in bigger than $1.

Just to clarify something. I hate tournaments, they are boring and I never play them.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Almost there

I decided to slow down after what happened to me recently so I played a lot less than at the beginning of the month. In first 5 days I collected 4150 points and in the next 16 days only 3800 points. Currently I'm at 15900 points and the requirement for the bonus release is 20250 points. With 12 days left to collect remaining points I should finish this bonus without to much trouble.

Today was a very good day. I made 66 BBs and I'm losing with KK, QQ, JJ and 99. I wish I had my old database to compare some stats but if I remember correctly, in my last downswing I was hitting sets or better on the flop more often than 1 in 8.5. As soon as my hit a set ratio falls below 1 in 10, I immediately show a profit (see my post from March 1st, same numbers, huge profit). Ridiculous but if that's the only way I can win, I wish I never hit a set on the flop again:

ps. Savvy finally confirmed my Europoker kickback after almost 3 weeks. Better late than never.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm tired of this shit

First my PC crashed so I had to buy a new one. Since I never made a database backup, I've lost my entire PT3 database, of course, except for a few thousand hands from Stars and FullTilt Rush. On top of that, I can't win for a fucking hand since last friday. I'm down €155 in 2041 hands on Betway (that's right, my wr is -7.6 BB/100; I bet I couldn't lose at this rate even if I wanted to) I have in my new database, overall I've lost $346 in 8 days, playing fucking micro stakes, 25c/50c and €0.5/€1.

If it weren't for this fucking bonus on Betway I have to finish by the end of this month, I would stop playing for a week because I really can't take this anymore. I'm losing every other set I have to a fucking backdoor draws no one with 2 live brain cells would not only not chase but they would never call my preflop raise to begin with. On those rare occasions I hit my draws, I lose or split probably half of them and I miss all my big draws in big multiway pots. Retards are cold calling raises with 32 only to hit trips on the flop when I have AA or KK. Of course you can't fold on a 33x flop, who cold calls with a fucking 3 in their hand!!!! I'm currently down 390$ and I've cleared only 2/3 of this bonus!!!

Some random stats from Betway.
-hit something on the flop with QJs and QJo: 0/21
-hit something on the flop with AKs, AQs, AJs, ATs, KQs, KJs and QJs: 2/31
-won when saw flop with AQs: 0%

This is one sick game.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fixed limit rush summary

I'm done with my FullTilt reload bonus. I won't play there until they give me another bonus, rakeback is just not good enough incentive for me stay there permanently.

Hands played: 8318
Won: $126.45
Win rate: +1.52 BB/100

Rake paid (MGR): $144 ($174.75)
Bonus cleared: $100
Rakeback: ~$24

My experience with fixed limit rush is great (50c/$1 9max), I really liked it and can't wait to play there again. Players are beatable, rake is low and you can play a ton of hands per hour (I usually played 2 tables and have ~550 hands/hr).

Monday, March 1, 2010

What a day

Played 3711 hands today in 2 sessions, first one was 3.4 hours long, on Betway and Stars combined, MT (multi table) ratio 7.37 for entire session. The second session was shorter, 2.1 hours on Betway and limit rush on FullTilt, MT ratio 4.25. This is most likely the biggest number of hands I have played in one day in my entire poker career. And the best thing is, I was incredibly calm and focused for entire session, especially the first one. Here is the combined graph from today:

And a proof I was playing very good when I managed to make such profit with these numbers:

Overall, I did a great job today and I'm very satisfied with everything, the way I played, my results and the fact I earned 1030 Betway points today ("only" 12374 left to earn in the next 30 days).


February was a good month for me, not so much in terms of $$ earned but because my game improved a lot compared to how I played in january. No books, no videos, only a pure will to play better and think more when making decisions. I still throw a BB every now and then when I shouldn't but it's much better than before.

February goal check:
1) maintain Silver star on Stars
2) earn 10000 Betway points on Betway
-failed, only 3355 points in 5.3k hands
3) play some NL on Minted or FL on Betfair or EuroPoker
-done, almost finished kickback on Europoker, only 100 points left to collect
4) run better, please!!!
-hmmmm, I'm playing better, earning $$ but I can't say I'm running better than last month
5) play 15k hands
-done, played 26.2k (7k hands played on FL rush in just 3 days)


I will have to concentrate all my efforts on finishing Betway signup bonus this month. I usually table select and seat select like crazy but this time I will have to play even when tables are not good enough. At the end of the month, I should clear ~$1400 in bonus plus a few $$ in rakeback from last month, hopefully.

Goals for march:
1) earn 13404 Betway points on Betway
-my guess is I need ~21k hands
2) maintain Silver star on Stars
-I need ~8000 hands on 0.25/0.5 6max to achieve this
3) finish FullTilt reload bonus playing FL Rush
-$20 left so I guess I'll need a 2 hour session playing 2 tables
4) finish Europoker kickback
-only 108 points left
5) hit more sets and lose with them less often

February results
-playing: $244
-bonus: $210
-rakeback: $37
-kickback: -

Overall: +$492
Time played: 47h
Hands played: 26210