Friday, June 26, 2009

Another disgusting day

Played 350h on Prima today, €0.5/€1. I'm tired of all this shit.

AA: -5 (won 1/2, run into a set with TT)
AKs: -4.5 (A on flop, lost to AKs, fish hit a flush)
AKo: -12 (hit top pair 1, an A on flop, lost against a set with AA)
AQs: didn't have
AQo: -5 (hit top pair, lost to gutshot)
AJs: -16 (0/3, one huge pot where I run into KK and AA and had a nuts flush draw on flop; capped preflop, flop and turn; I missed my draw, of course)
JJ: -5

Total lost with these hands only: -€47
Total lost in this session: -€15

I must know something if I can still lose only a couple of BB's when I can't win any premium hand I have. And the best part is, I was awful today. I was tired and went on a 40 BB downswing in first 100 hands so naturally, I threw a couple of BB's in spots where I should have played my hands differently. Tables were great, by the way, full of fish and idiots.

My total loss on Prima this month is 42€. AA is -10, AKo, AQs, and AJs -32. And this is not all, KQs, KQo and KJs -13, QQ, TT and 88 -43. Total loss with only these premiums: -€98. Oh my god, I'm losing on the button (AKo is 0/5 and -€26).

I'm seriously thinking of quitting Prima after clearing next bonus increment on the current room. I thought Prima would be my new home for a while but unless I start winning very soon, I'm out of here. I'd much rather win by playing and clear a good bonus than lose by playing and clear a great bonus.

C'mon Prima, give me a f..king chance.

Frustrating week

Another frustrating 7 days at FLHU tables.

Monday, June 22, 2009

On eternal downswing

Playing on Prima/Microgaming this month, 6max 0.5/1 and 1/2, I'm losing as usual. The sample is small, only 2060 hands, but notice some of the hands I'm losing with:
AA (won 3/6)
QQ (won 2/8 when saw flop)
JJ (won 2/5)
TT (won 2/8)
88 (won 0/3 when saw flop)
-total lost with these hands: -€114

Total lost over entire sample: -€42 (-1.47 BB/100)

So, lets assume that instead of losing €114 with all those premium hands, I've actually won €114 with them (which is not far from what I should have won with these hands in the first place). That would mean I should have won €186 or +6.5 BB/100. Wow!!!

I know there is no point in doing this kind of analysis as it tilts me even more than the actual results but I have to see what's the reason for my loss, my bad play or bad luck. This time, I know I'm playing good, I'm not tilting or steaming even when I'm down few dozen BB's in a single session. I might call sometimes when I should fold but it's understandable under these conditions and it really isn't the most important reason for this loss. Which, to be honest, is nothing to be concerned about.

The good thing is, I've cleared $96 of bonus and I'm on course to win another ~$100 in monthly race (if I don't play anymore this month) so at least I'm still in the green :)

HU SNG challenge status
Score: 1-2
Total score: 20 wins, 11 losses
ROI: +17.3%
Balance: $64.66

Friday, June 12, 2009

Heads up friday

Tables were awful on Microgaming today so I played HU on iPoker this afternoon and 2 HU SNG's on Carbon this evening.

I'm crushing HU cash games on iPoker again. I'm not sure what's the reason for this but I'm enjoying it :) 304 hands this month and +95 BB's or +31.2 BB/100. Today, 109 hands and a profit of 52 BB's. I know, small sample but whatever. I'm satisfied with the way I'm playing at the moment. I'm not scared or nervous on €1/€2 6max which is a great sign after I failed to move up probably a dozen times last year. I'm losing at the moment but playing good and not losing my head after a few bad beats. I will be rewarded for playing good, I just have to be patient enough.

HU SNG challenge
Score: 2-0
Total score: 19 wins, 9 losses
ROI: +29.3%
Balance: $70.41

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I have nothing special to report. I've played 4 HU sng's on Carbon while I was waiting for tables on Microgaming. Played a few hands on €1/€2 this afternoon but I run awful, as usual when I move up, wwsf was ~15%, went2sd 23% and won@sd ~30%. Don't what is wrong with me and 1/2 limit. Every time I move up there, I always run bad, always. Today I didn't tilt, I just couldn't believe how unlucky I can be, stopped playing and went running.

HU SNG challenge
Score: 3-1
Total score: 17 wins, 9 losses
ROI: +24.5%
Balance: $60.91

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Heads up SNG challenge

I can't find a poker room to play at. I'm looking for one in Microgaming network since bonuses there are really good but I can't find a suitable one. Well, I did found one and it's great but I already have an account there from 2007. so I'm not eligible for the bonus. It's really great, signup bonus is 10 raked hands on €1/2 FL tables, it has a $25000 monthly race where I could win probably the same amount of money as the signup bonus. Signup bonus+race winning could effectively be a 5 raked hands bonus, which is awesome, around 15 $ / table hour. I'll try to figure something out this weekend.

In the meantime, I'm having fun with $5 heads up sit and go's on Carbon poker. Like I said yesterday, 3 months ago I've found $10 in my account so I decided I'll try and make a fortune out of it playing fixed limit :) After a couple of days and no more than 2 hours of playing, I was at $27. I gave up because there was no one playing FL only occasionally 1 table but it was never full. Then I switched to NL10. I sat down with $5 and after a few hands, I've got pocket rockets. Guess what happened? I was in tournaments tab in a blink of an eye.

So now I have a new challenge - make a fortune out of $10 playing HU sng's :)

Today score: 4-1
Total score: 14 wins, 8 losses
ROI: +21.2%
Balance: $51.91

I won't spend to much time on this, I'll play only when I have nothing better to do but I still hope I could reach $500 this summer.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I haven't played a single hand since May 18th. I'm feeling great, I don't miss poker at all I just miss money :) To be honest, I did play a few HU SNG's on Carbon poker but nothing serious. I usually don't play there but they gave me $10 so I decided to try and make something out of it. I'm on $44 now.