Sunday, June 7, 2009


I have nothing special to report. I've played 4 HU sng's on Carbon while I was waiting for tables on Microgaming. Played a few hands on €1/€2 this afternoon but I run awful, as usual when I move up, wwsf was ~15%, went2sd 23% and won@sd ~30%. Don't what is wrong with me and 1/2 limit. Every time I move up there, I always run bad, always. Today I didn't tilt, I just couldn't believe how unlucky I can be, stopped playing and went running.

HU SNG challenge
Score: 3-1
Total score: 17 wins, 9 losses
ROI: +24.5%
Balance: $60.91

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Anonymous said...

Samo udaraj HU SnG, mislim da si stvoren za to!
Imaš pm na forumu.