Monday, June 22, 2009

On eternal downswing

Playing on Prima/Microgaming this month, 6max 0.5/1 and 1/2, I'm losing as usual. The sample is small, only 2060 hands, but notice some of the hands I'm losing with:
AA (won 3/6)
QQ (won 2/8 when saw flop)
JJ (won 2/5)
TT (won 2/8)
88 (won 0/3 when saw flop)
-total lost with these hands: -€114

Total lost over entire sample: -€42 (-1.47 BB/100)

So, lets assume that instead of losing €114 with all those premium hands, I've actually won €114 with them (which is not far from what I should have won with these hands in the first place). That would mean I should have won €186 or +6.5 BB/100. Wow!!!

I know there is no point in doing this kind of analysis as it tilts me even more than the actual results but I have to see what's the reason for my loss, my bad play or bad luck. This time, I know I'm playing good, I'm not tilting or steaming even when I'm down few dozen BB's in a single session. I might call sometimes when I should fold but it's understandable under these conditions and it really isn't the most important reason for this loss. Which, to be honest, is nothing to be concerned about.

The good thing is, I've cleared $96 of bonus and I'm on course to win another ~$100 in monthly race (if I don't play anymore this month) so at least I'm still in the green :)

HU SNG challenge status
Score: 1-2
Total score: 20 wins, 11 losses
ROI: +17.3%
Balance: $64.66

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