Thursday, June 4, 2009

Heads up SNG challenge

I can't find a poker room to play at. I'm looking for one in Microgaming network since bonuses there are really good but I can't find a suitable one. Well, I did found one and it's great but I already have an account there from 2007. so I'm not eligible for the bonus. It's really great, signup bonus is 10 raked hands on €1/2 FL tables, it has a $25000 monthly race where I could win probably the same amount of money as the signup bonus. Signup bonus+race winning could effectively be a 5 raked hands bonus, which is awesome, around 15 $ / table hour. I'll try to figure something out this weekend.

In the meantime, I'm having fun with $5 heads up sit and go's on Carbon poker. Like I said yesterday, 3 months ago I've found $10 in my account so I decided I'll try and make a fortune out of it playing fixed limit :) After a couple of days and no more than 2 hours of playing, I was at $27. I gave up because there was no one playing FL only occasionally 1 table but it was never full. Then I switched to NL10. I sat down with $5 and after a few hands, I've got pocket rockets. Guess what happened? I was in tournaments tab in a blink of an eye.

So now I have a new challenge - make a fortune out of $10 playing HU sng's :)

Today score: 4-1
Total score: 14 wins, 8 losses
ROI: +21.2%
Balance: $51.91

I won't spend to much time on this, I'll play only when I have nothing better to do but I still hope I could reach $500 this summer.

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