Friday, June 26, 2009

Another disgusting day

Played 350h on Prima today, €0.5/€1. I'm tired of all this shit.

AA: -5 (won 1/2, run into a set with TT)
AKs: -4.5 (A on flop, lost to AKs, fish hit a flush)
AKo: -12 (hit top pair 1, an A on flop, lost against a set with AA)
AQs: didn't have
AQo: -5 (hit top pair, lost to gutshot)
AJs: -16 (0/3, one huge pot where I run into KK and AA and had a nuts flush draw on flop; capped preflop, flop and turn; I missed my draw, of course)
JJ: -5

Total lost with these hands only: -€47
Total lost in this session: -€15

I must know something if I can still lose only a couple of BB's when I can't win any premium hand I have. And the best part is, I was awful today. I was tired and went on a 40 BB downswing in first 100 hands so naturally, I threw a couple of BB's in spots where I should have played my hands differently. Tables were great, by the way, full of fish and idiots.

My total loss on Prima this month is 42€. AA is -10, AKo, AQs, and AJs -32. And this is not all, KQs, KQo and KJs -13, QQ, TT and 88 -43. Total loss with only these premiums: -€98. Oh my god, I'm losing on the button (AKo is 0/5 and -€26).

I'm seriously thinking of quitting Prima after clearing next bonus increment on the current room. I thought Prima would be my new home for a while but unless I start winning very soon, I'm out of here. I'd much rather win by playing and clear a good bonus than lose by playing and clear a great bonus.

C'mon Prima, give me a f..king chance.

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