Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June 09

FL heads up:FL 6max:

Thank god it's over! June was brutal. I was running way way under expectation in 6max games, I can't believe I still managed to make a profit this month. I've made a few days break at the end of May and decided I will move up to €1/€2 at Prima in June. Finally. This time, I was mentally prepared so I started playing without fear, confident in my game. When I started, everything was fine except the fact I was running awful as always when tried to move up. I was calm and most times played really good but just wasn't allowed to win. After a few days I stopped because tables were not good enough and were infested with Russian bots. To be honest, maybe they aren't bots but their stats are almost identical, they always play 2 tables, never more than 2 and never play with other bots at the same table. It is impossible these players aren't connected in some way. What's more surprising, Prima can't detect them or they don't care.

I don't know what to do next month. Plan was to stay on Prima and clear their bonuses but its impossible to find good tables at 1/2 limit these days. I would like to move up but I won't play with 5 regulars no matter how good bonus they give me. Maybe I'll move to Cake or Ongame. Or even BossMedia. Or I'll quit poker for good.

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