Thursday, July 16, 2009

Prima or Boss?

This month I play on BossMedia and over 6k hands I have +2.63 BB/100 on €0.5/€1. On the same tables on Prima, I've been running awful and have -0.66 BB/100. I talked to my friend over skype yesterday, he's playing the same stakes as I do and he asked me what do I think, which network is better, Boss or Prima. I told him that I feel they are close, but then I checked my pt3 stats and calculated rake, bonuses and other promotions all in terms of BB/100.

Prima - 3.36 BB/100
Boss - 2.36 BB/100

Prima - 3.4 BB/100
Boss - 0.33 BB/100

Prima - 3.82 BB/100
Boss - 0.67 BB/100

Total (bonus+rb-rake)
Prima - +3.86 BB/100
Boss - -1.36 BB/100

Although the rake is higher on Prima, the bonuses and other incentives are also much higher. If you want to make the same amount of money by playing on Boss network, you need to have a 5.2 BB/100 better win rate than on Prima network.

While winning by playing is much better than losing and it's easier to win on Boss, it's obvious that financially, Prima is a better choice for micro stakes fixed limit player.

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