Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More variance

Session on Prima network, today:

Since wednesday, both Prima and Boss:

I will have to reread Stox's book tomorrow. I feel my game got worse in the last few days although I'm absolutely certain I'm in a downswing and running awful at the moment. Whenever I play with morons, like the ones on Boss network I forget how to play properly.


Espen said...

hey! If your interested we can work on your game togather, i need a study buddy also.
I moved up to 1-2 FL now and doing great there also. At 0.5-1.0 i was 3 BB/100 at ipoker.
My first comment to you is that you are to thight!!!
Add my msn espen_15

ovchica said...

Hi Espen!
I'm interested in a study buddy but I don't have time at the moment. Maybe later, if you are still interested