Friday, July 3, 2009

Boss Media

After some thinking I decided to try Boss Media network. Bonuses are bad compared to Prima and some other networks but I expect the quality of games will be much better. I played there when I started playing poker and its probably the only reason I'm still playing. If I started on another network I would have probably lost my entire starting bankroll in a few days, whole $20.

Played few hands yesterday and ~650 hands today on €0.5/€1 5max tables. Some interesting stats:
-hit flop with pair: 2/20
-hit flop with AK, AQ and AJ: 2/28 or 7% (should be ~33%)

I even lost with AA and KK once, lost with a full house in a 3way multiway pot, a flopped straight also in big multiway pot and missed almost all flush draws in big multi way pots. I should be losing with these stats but amazingly, I've made a 106 BB profit.

This really is a great way to start playing at a new site. If only I could have these results when I move up a level..

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