Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fixed limit rush summary

I'm done with my FullTilt reload bonus. I won't play there until they give me another bonus, rakeback is just not good enough incentive for me stay there permanently.

Hands played: 8318
Won: $126.45
Win rate: +1.52 BB/100

Rake paid (MGR): $144 ($174.75)
Bonus cleared: $100
Rakeback: ~$24

My experience with fixed limit rush is great (50c/$1 9max), I really liked it and can't wait to play there again. Players are beatable, rake is low and you can play a ton of hands per hour (I usually played 2 tables and have ~550 hands/hr).

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Nomad said...

What is all the buzz about this Rush poker thing. I really should check it out. Do you play NL at all chica or only limit?