Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Almost there

I decided to slow down after what happened to me recently so I played a lot less than at the beginning of the month. In first 5 days I collected 4150 points and in the next 16 days only 3800 points. Currently I'm at 15900 points and the requirement for the bonus release is 20250 points. With 12 days left to collect remaining points I should finish this bonus without to much trouble.

Today was a very good day. I made 66 BBs and I'm losing with KK, QQ, JJ and 99. I wish I had my old database to compare some stats but if I remember correctly, in my last downswing I was hitting sets or better on the flop more often than 1 in 8.5. As soon as my hit a set ratio falls below 1 in 10, I immediately show a profit (see my post from March 1st, same numbers, huge profit). Ridiculous but if that's the only way I can win, I wish I never hit a set on the flop again:

ps. Savvy finally confirmed my Europoker kickback after almost 3 weeks. Better late than never.

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