Monday, March 1, 2010

What a day

Played 3711 hands today in 2 sessions, first one was 3.4 hours long, on Betway and Stars combined, MT (multi table) ratio 7.37 for entire session. The second session was shorter, 2.1 hours on Betway and limit rush on FullTilt, MT ratio 4.25. This is most likely the biggest number of hands I have played in one day in my entire poker career. And the best thing is, I was incredibly calm and focused for entire session, especially the first one. Here is the combined graph from today:

And a proof I was playing very good when I managed to make such profit with these numbers:

Overall, I did a great job today and I'm very satisfied with everything, the way I played, my results and the fact I earned 1030 Betway points today ("only" 12374 left to earn in the next 30 days).

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L4Y SP said...

I'm afraid tilting is a major problem , especially when i multitable. i will try to find coping strategies to help me deal with it. regards, adam