Monday, February 1, 2010


With a loss of $295, january was my worst month ever. To be fair, it is mostly because I cleared almost no bonus or rakeback in january, except $10 stellar rewards from Stars and another $90 in kickback bonus.

Goals for february:
1) maintain Silver star on Stars which means earning 750 VPPa in a month
-I need ~8000 hands on 0.25/0.5 6max to achieve this
2) earn 10000 Betway points on Betway (need ~20000 BP for ~$1000 bonus until april 4th)
-I played 4.8k hands in january, earning 3500 BP so I guess I will have to play ~13k hands this month
3) whenever there is no action on Betway, play some NL on Minted or FL on Betfair or EuroPoker
4) run better, please!!!

January results
-playing: -$408
-bonus: $10
-rakeback: $13
-kickback: $90

Overall: -$295

ps. I have to organize my time. I'm a university graduate and have to concentrate on finishing my education this year. This means poker is not my first priority this year (its probably number 3 or 4) so if I don't succeed in achieving my yearly goals, I won't be to disappointed as long as a make a few hundred $$ each month.

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L4Y SP said...

yes, always comes first , gl