Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a joke...

...this game is. Another 2 hour session 4 tabling NL10€ on Minted poker, won €2, weeeeeeeee! Since they don't support PT or HEM, I wrote down on a piece of paper whenever I had something.
1) 4 open ended straight draws = hit ZERO times
2) 2 flush draws = hit ZERO times
3) 1 flush draw + picked up an open ended straight draw on turn = missed
4) 1 flush draw + gutshot = hit, but had no fucking action, whatsoever, everyone folded

Had 31 pocket pairs
Hit a set: 3 times
1) 33 on a AJ3-K-Q board, against 2 players, idiot slowplayed AA
2) hit a set with 66 vs a shortstack = no fucking action
3) 88 on a 877-T-5 board, against 4 players, someone had a 77 for quads

Luckily, I've lost with big pairs only once, so I somehow still managed to end this farce with a profit.

So fucking unreal!!!

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