Sunday, January 31, 2010

No limit and why I hate it

Couple of days ago, I created a new account with rakeback on Minted poker through RakeTheRake, deposited €100 with the intention of playing NL occasionally when I have the time and there's no good fixed limit tables available on sites I'm usually playing at. I have to admit, I'm not the best no-limit player in the world but even I should be able to beat awful players from Everleaf network, right? Wrong.

Went all-in preflop 3 times so far:
1) AA vs QQ, board Qxx-x-x
2) AA vs KK, board xxx-K
3) TT vs 99, 9xx-x-x

So, 3 all-ins preflop, chance of losing all of them: 0.58%

So far, after 6-7 hours of playing NL10€, I've hit 0 sets (except when I was playing shortstackers with less than 1/3 buy-in), I've hit 0 flush or straight draws (well, I don't count super small pots when you're in the blind and no one raises preflop, everyone have nothing and action goes check-check until the river) and lost one flopped trips with 76s (board 662 rainbow) against a fucking 2 outer in a 3way super huge pot.

I don't think I have seen a good player on this poker room so far. If only I could hit something and not lose every fucking time I have an overpair.

Starting bankroll: €100
Current bankroll: €85.13
Won/lost: -€14.87

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