Sunday, December 6, 2009

Playing limit on Stars

Smart Euro players don't play on Stars and FullTilt. They don't have good bonuses, rakeback and the competition is tough compared to other available networks/poker rooms. That's why I never played on Stars again after clearing the signup bonus. But this month, I decided to come back and try to earn FPPs while playing 0.25/0.5 shorthanded limit when there is no action on Microgaming network or the tables are not good enough. I knew it won't be easy to achieve even SilverStar and it would probably be a waste of time but I gave it a try and here are the results from the 5 days of playing 0.25/0.5 between 4 and 9 tables at the same time (MT ratio 5.4).

I did some calculations and comparisons and it looks like my current win rate of +9.4 BB/100 is equivalent to a win rate of roughly +0.94 BB/100 on 5/10 6max (in order to make the same amount of money like I did on 0.25/0.5). If I was playing 5/10, I assumed I would never play more than 3 tables at the same time so I wouldn't have played 4k hands in the same time but only 2k.

I know, 4k hands is a small sample, I could be on a heater, etc. Results are great, so let's hope I can keep the current win rate and become a Stars regular.


Adam Van Wildest said...

nice graph

L4Y SP said...

i have a real soft spot for limit. pls keep us updated and if u want to put up a followers section i will gladly join up. gl