Sunday, November 2, 2008

November - goals for the month

October was my first losing month in a while and it made me think about my poker career, my goals, my game, etc. My game was awful, I was disgusted with myself and the way I played last few days in October. To be honest, I finished last month with profit thanks to bonuses but I lost by playing. And I played $0.5/$1 6max almost exclusively. That was the worst part, which forced me to finally do something about my game. It's frustrating that after 3.5 years of playing poker I can't beat a micro limit table full of bad players. Althought in my defence, I have to say I had an awful run of cards. For example, last 2 days I'm winning with KK only 30% (3/10), winning when seeing flop only 31%, etc. Thats awful, but I lost more than I had to lose because of tilt, steaming and throwing my money away when I didn't had to. Enough of this rant. Back to my goals.

Here are my November goals:

1) play at least 15000 hands
1a) play at least 4000 hands at 1/2, 1-2 tabling
1b) play remaining 11000 hands at lower limits, up to 4 tabling
2) improve mental control and avoid tilt
3) value bet river more
4) work on postflop game
5) watch StoxPoker videos again
6) stop berating fish, stop saying lol and roflmao and other stuff
7) clear few kickback bonuses
8) make at least 1 video each week playing $1/$2, with detailed thinking about each interesting hand so I can review it later
9) review each $1/$2 session

I don't play much, my 3 year average is 55hr/month and this year only 50hr/month. Last 5 months, I'm playing less than 40hr/month. 15k hand might seem a little low, but its a good goal and I think it's do-able.

Where will I play this month? Mostly iPoker and Cake poker networks.
I have a new rakeback account on RedStar poker (Cake poker network) so I will play there. The reason I went to RedStar instead of Cake is because RedStar has Amazon gift certificates in their shop while Cake poker has nothing interesting which can be shipped to my country. This way, I can at least get something from gold chips since I don't like playing donkaments that much. If you want, you can have 33% rakeback at RedStar with RakeTracker.

On iPoker, I will clear a kickback bonus or two with PokerSavvy by playing $0.5/$1. Games are awful there, even on these micro limits you can find 6max tables with players/flop less than 20%. Couple of days ago, I found one table with 11% and another with 17%. Thats less than 1 player per flop. Disgusting. Usually, you can find a fish or two at a couple of tables each day, except on weekends, but I hate moving from one table to another every 5-10 minutes. Thats why I don't regularly play there anymore.

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