Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekly update 3

1065h, -$0, -0.01 BB/100
5368h, +$21, +0.39 BB/100
2030h, -$11, -1.05 BB/100
Total hands:

Total: $11
Bonus: $70
Kickback: $120

I didn't play much last week, only 1.2k hands + a couple hundred hands on littlewoods which I can't import in to my PT database. To achieve my goals, I need to play another 6.6k hands, which is achievable in 8d if I could find the desire to play.

I'm finally done with Better poker kickback bonus. That's another $80 in kickback + $20 in signup bonus. I'm also done with Littlewoods, which is worth another $80. It took me 3 days but I finished it with a loss of 25 pounds. The amount of fish and bad play there is simply amazing. I couldn't win a hand whenever I sat down to play so I had to finish this bonus on DoubleOrNothing SNG's. Btw, these SNG's are a goldmine for smart microstakes players building their bankrolls.

Current bankroll: $2201 (+$201)

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