Friday, November 7, 2008


I never had to worry about bankroll management except for the first couple of months after I started playing poker. I had only $20 and was clueless, didn't know which is stronger a flush or a straight. Since then, I always had more than I needed for the limits I was playing and even now my bankroll is big enough for me to comfortably play $5/$10. I've decided now to withdraw most of it to my bank account and leave myself ~$2000 to play with. So, I will need a bankroll management plan.

1000 BB's is more than enough for low limit FL. I could start with 500 BB's or less but I don't want to. Here's my simple plan:

-start with 1000 BB's playing $1/$2
-move up when I feel ready
-move down when I feel I'm not ready

Like I said previously, in November I'll play at RedStar poker and iPoker network.

Starting bankroll: $2000

Current bankroll: $2001 (+$1)

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