Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekly update 2

1065h, -$0, -0.01 BB/100
4395h, -$61, -11.38 BB/100
1796h, -$3, -0.28 BB/100
Total hands: 7256

Total: -$59
Bonus: $55

I'm still not happy with my results. My positional stats look ok, win rate is a little low but nothing to worry about. Blind stats are great but the button is disgusting. I really don't know what's the problem. I'm still losing and my wwsf looks really low. I'm down $20 from the button but I've lost $40 with AKo and AQo and another $38 with KQs, KJs and QJs. It doesn't help when your vpip with those hands is 100%, pfr also 100% and your wwsf only 13% (4/30).

I'm also losing with big pairs from the button, KK (3/5), JJ (3/8), TT (3/7).

Current bankroll: $1996 (-$4)


eSc4lad3 said...

dobar ti blog ;)

Perisa said...

Drž nedaj samo raise i reraise nedaj se jebat usitno i šaraj raise na svašta!!! Neka nemaju pojma šta ti je u ruci

ovchica said...

Hey guys!
Hvala na komentarima ;)