Friday, January 16, 2009

January update

1/2 HU:
0.5/1 HU:
4843h, +$201, +4.15 BB/100
Total hands HU:

Few days ago someone asked me why do I make videos from my sessions? Well, I make them so I can analyze my game later when I have time or I can send them to my friend for a review. Its very helpful if you have someone who can analyze your game. While sitting at the tables, you can't see your own mistakes and even when you analyze your sessions, its very likely you won't notice every stupid thing you do. Someone else, who isn't or wasn't involved in a game has a much better perspective and can see some things you can't.

I'm 1k hands short from my monthly goal but that's ok, there's still enough time to play the required number of hands. I'm crushing 0.5/1 again and if I continue like this, I should make a profit of ~$1k by the end of January. One thing bothers me, I have almost no desire to go up to 1/2. Don't know whats wrong, since there's no reason for me to not be successful at higher limits but I still have fear of moving up. I know, its irrational fear but its there.

Total: +$206
Bonus: $30
Rakeback: $144

Current bankroll: $3353 (+$380)
Last month bankroll: $2973


poker4life said...

What software do you use to record your sessions?

ovchica said...

I'm using Camtasia Studio 4. It's more than enough for my needs.