Friday, January 9, 2009

10k hands sample

This is my 10k hands sample graph from $0.5/$1 flhu tables. In first 5k hands I run like a poker God with a win rate of over 6 BB/100 but this time, my results were far worse. I'm basically break even in last 5k hands and its because I played really bad, failing to adjust to my opponents and exploit their weaknesess. Of course, I could blame the cold deck but in reality, I'm the guilty one. If nothing else, I should stand up and leave the table if I run into a tricky opponent and find someone who is easier to beat.

My win rate is still a solid +3.14 BB/100 with a sick rake of 7.98 BB/100, which means I'm beating my opponents for a fantastic 11.12 BB/100. According to PT3, I can say with 95% confidence that my true win rate over this sample is between 2.64-3.63 BB/100. If I could keep this win rate or even slightly lower than this on next limits when I move up, I'll be playing 10/20 in no time :)

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