Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It could have been my worst day ever since switching to HU, but lucky for me, I didn't tilt and had almost complete control of my emotions. This is a great improvement and hopefully its permanent. How did I manage to lose almost 80 BB's? Well, only 1 player was waiting at my limit and I knew him as we already played ~250 hands together. He's an aggro donk who plays everything from 0.5/1 to 2/4 and I was crushing him until this session. I didn't want to sit with him (I never sit down when there's someone waiting) so I opened a new table and in a couple of seconds he sat down with me. I couldn't refuse to play, I had a read on him and I'm so much better player so I thought I'll crush him again.

Well, I was wrong. He was running so hot it was unreal. I kept rebuying hoping he will run out of luck but unlucky for me, it didn't happen. He was crushing me like a muppet and I was eventually down 80 BBs against him when I quit. Every time I had big pocket pair, he had a bigger pocket pair. Every time I hit a top pair, he had either top pair with better kicker or he hit a two pair by the river. On those rare occassions when I hit my draw, he had a bettter draw and the same card helped both of us. It was unreal. His went2sd was 42% and won@sd 70% over 110 hands. The strange part was and the best indicator how well he run, his wwsf was 62% but this time, he didn't play his usuall retarded aggressive game, which could explain such a large wwsf %. Instead, he almost never raised and was very passive postflop. He obviously changed his game for me and this time it was tougher for me to play against him but I'm still sure he was just incredibly lucky.

When I quit him, I sat down on another table but I was watching him at two tables he was playing. He was crushed by two opponents (one of them is really awful, I call him "my muse" because he's losing at a rate of 27 BB/100 over 3.2k hands when playing against me) and they both sat down to play with me after he left their tables. I beat both of them so I guess I've got my money back :)

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