Sunday, March 1, 2009

Monthly update

1/2 HU:
0.5/1 HU:
5797h, +$113, +1.95 BB/100
Total hands HU:

Not a great month for me but I made a small profit, so it wasn't a complete waste of my time. There's nothing worse for mental health than having a 180 BB downswing in first two days of a new month. After a 7 days break (didn't have time to play), I went back to the tables and crushed them. I had a +250 BB upswing in next 2.2k hands (+11.5 BB/100) so I guess I was both playing good and running good. As it usually happens, it was to good to continue so I went on another downswing in last week of february, for 120 BB. I was losing money against everyone I've played and I felt like I wasn't allowed to win a hand.

Total: +$110
Bonus: $30
Rakeback: $184

Current bankroll: $4110 (+$324)
Last month bankroll: $3786

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