Friday, March 20, 2009

How heads-up improved my game

As requested by my friend Perisa, I'll post my stats and at the same time, make a comparison from the time before and after switching to limit heads-up.

Before HU:

This sample is from august '07 but it's not everything I've played. It's from Stars and iPoker only, since I had these hand histories stored on my computer. Hands from Microgaming, FullTilt, Ongame etc., are not included but VPIP/PFR and other important stats were more or less same no matter where I played.

I've posted stats similar to these on 2+2 last year and few respected posters were surprised I'm actually winning with these stats. They basically called me a weak tight fish or something like that :) I knew I had to play more hands, steal and defend blinds more but I just wasn't confident enough, or to be honest, I didn't know how to achieve that.

After HU:

This is from March this year. Hands are played on Stars, Ongame and iPoker. It's a small sample but I'm sure I can continue to play like this. Of course, win rate is too high and I'm sure it will drop sooner or later. I've checked the flopped set ratio and it has dropped to 1 set in every 11.4 pocket pairs I have. So you can't say I'm running hot.

My VPIP/PFR went down after my first session this month. It was 30/21 in my first 6max session and now its 24/16 on entire sample. I don't like this, it means I'm going back to the way I played before but I'm working on fixing this. I really don't want to be a weak TAG again.

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