Sunday, February 15, 2009

February update

1/2 HU:
0.5/1 HU:
1913h, -$46, -2.43 BB/100
Total hands HU:

It's mid february already and I have nothing special to report. I've played only 8 hours of poker so far this month because of handball. Our competition starts next weekend and we had 5 friendly matches in 10 days which prevented me from playing poker. Since we don't have our sports hall (it's being built and should open in a month or two), we had to play all matches away from home. It takes the whole afternoon and evening and when we return home, we usually have a drink or two after the game. That's why I've played only 8 hours so far this month, I never play poker under the influence of alcohol :)

The start of the month was great, I was up ~45 BBs after 200h and after that, a disaster. I went on probably the worst downswing of my HU career so far, -185 BBs in less than 1000 hands. Downswing itself is not a problem, I can handle downswings. The most frustrating thing was the fact I've been playing against some of the worst HU players I've seen and still couldn't win. I haven't played a single hand against at least a competent HU player. By playing, I'm still in the red but I'm recovering and should be in the green again at the end of the month. I just need to spend more time at the tables.

Total: -$49
Bonus: $10
Rakeback: $69

Current bankroll: $3816 (+$30)
Last month bankroll: $3786

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