Monday, December 22, 2008

Heads up limit

95h, +$21, +11.18 BB/100
2760h, +$99, +3.59 BB/100
526h, -$4, -1.49 BB/100
Total hands:

1/2 HU:
132h, -$57, -21.50 BB/100
0.5/1 HU:
2910h, +$178, +6.13 BB/100
Total hands HU:

I've made a switch to heads up limit last week. I've been thinking about this ever since a friend of mine made that switch a couple of months ago and never looked back. His win rate skyrocketed, he plays less than ever and earns more money than ever playing 10/20 flhu. Of course, its not easy to beat these games but he's a good player and is constantly working on improving his game.

I deposited $300 from my bankroll to one iPoker skin and started at 0.5/1. I've already played there 2 months ago with great results but the sample was very small, less than 2k hands. The rake was huge, ~8 BB/100 which is a very high rake even if you do a very good table selection and never play anyone who isn't completely clueless. The one good thing about such high rake is the fact that a good player will never play in these games without some sort of cashback. Thats why I needed a good cashback deal. I finally found one, thanks to my friend and I was ready to make my first step into heads up limit world.

So far so good. I'm doing great but I don't know if I'm running good or I have a really huge edge over my opponents. Over 4.6k hands I have +5.8 BB/100 but I won't draw conclusions until I play at least 20k hands.

Total: +$240
Bonus: $144
Rakeback: $91
Kickback: $220

Current bankroll: $2917 (+$695)

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