Monday, December 1, 2008

December - goals

Last month I have failed with some of my goals. I've played only 9.5k hands instead of 15k, played only 1.1k hands on 1/2 instead of 4k, I've made only 1 video of me playing 1/2 and I didn't analyze every 1/2 session I've played last month.

The good thing is, I'm in the green again. I have improved my mental control which has resulted in no more than 1 session with me on tilt. I'm value betting river more than before, my postflop game is better, I've stopped berating fish (well, I do throw a "lol" or "nh" once a week) and I have watched several videos from Stox. I must say I'm impressed with the way I have handled that 150 BB downswing in the beginning of the month. I didn't steam to much, I was playing my game and waiting for my luck to turn around. This is not like me at all and I hope I'll improve even further next month and eliminate tilt from my game forever.

Here are my December goals:

1) play at least 15000 hands
1a) play at least 5000 hands at 1/2, 1-2 tabling
1b) play remaining 10000 hands at lower limits, up to 4 tabling
2) work on further improvement of mental control and avoiding tilt
3) work on postflop game
4) watch StoxPoker videos
5) clear a few kickback bonuses
6) make at least 1 video each week playing $1/$2
7) review each $1/$2 session

I'll play on RedStar and Ongame this month. When I finish with Ongame kickback bonus I'll have to find another room to play at, since there's not enough trafic on RedStar, especially at 1/2 6max. At the moment, my only option is moving back to Chili poker where I have a good private deal but I don't like playing on iPoker. I'd much rather play somewhere else but I guess I'm out of options.

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