Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I hate poker

Here's why:
Stats from last 2 days:
Hands - 545
VPIP - 24%
PFR - 16%
WWSF - 33% (won when saw flop - usually around 40% in tough games)
WTSD - 39% (went to showdown)
W$SD - 36% (won at showdown - usually between 52% and 55%)
Win Rate - -16 BB/100

I'm losing money from all positions except from CO and the most frustrating stats are from the UTG position, where I'm winning 11% when seen flop. And I'm not a maniac, I raise only good hands when out of position. I follow recommendations from Stox's book and what I learned from Bryce, Stox and a coach. I know I should fold more and I've probably lost more than I was supposed to due to calling down to much but that doesn't change the fact that I'm in a terrible downswing. If I have played perfectly, my win rate would probably be between -12 to -14 BB/100.

I'm playing on Microgaming network, limit 0.5/1 6max. Games are tough but most regulars are awful, I have yet to find one who is not losing money and doesn't have huge leaks, both preflop and postflop. Most of them have almost perfect VPIP/PFR, something like 27/18, 26/19, 30/21 but they are all losing money.

Every time I posted stats where I've run good, next day I'd usually start to lose. So I'm posting this hoping it will have the same effect and the next time I sit down to play, I'll start winning :) Fingers crossed!

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